CaKes ManiAc

CaKes ManiAc
U named it, I made it~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

wedding cakes 3

one of the selection of 3 tiers wedding cake..
either dummy or real cakes...
either 2 tiers, 3 or 5 tiers...
u name it, i make it~~

wedding cakes

pick any ur fav colour for your wedding or even as a hantaran..
* prices are subject to change.
Please call me for more details..

creme caramel

melted in ur mouth~

price : RM 20 (for 5-6 pax)

cheese cakes u ols~

~homemade cheese cake~

people love it and surely u will to0!

price : RM 65 ( 8 " , 1.2 kg )

* price are subject to change with additional deco
~another choice of cheese cake, blueberry~

~girls' outing~

great for your bff....!

price : RM30 (12 pcs)

including transparent box and individual tray.

wish to have bread pudding for ur dessert?

made from croissant, choc chips, and many other delicious ingredients that are absolutely marvelous~

have it with any of ur fav ice cream, or just it!

have it your way~

price : RM25 (suitable for 5-6 pax)


one of my client's request.

no 7 really mean a lot to them apparently since they chose it for their wedding aniversary..

Hepi aniversary~
any meaningful design for your special day??
we can do it perfectly in ur cupcakes!