CaKes ManiAc

CaKes ManiAc
U named it, I made it~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Edible Image cake

...Choose to have your picture on cakes?...

Pick ur favourite pic & I'll handle the rest!

Any normal birthday cake

  • 1.5 kg each worth RM 65 ( *price are subject to change for any extra kilos)

  • Pick your flavour~

  • Flat rate RM 10 for Additional Normal Edible Image (such as cartoons, football team logos, etc)

  • Personal Edible Image : RM30++ (*price are subject to change depends on the image)

  • Pre order a week before event ( Please email me your Picture at )

Glory Glory Manchester United

Great way to show ur obsession!
It was specially made as my client's requested.
Order now~
1 pcs = RM 3.50 for any normal icing sheet
* price are subject to change for personal icing sheet
show ur lo0o0ve~
Call me for price qoutation : 012-3153310

Mother's Day

...Choose cuppies for Mother's day instead of boring same cakes every year...
25 pcs of medium cuppies worth RM 30 only
pick ur favorite flavour.. Vanilla, Choc, Choc chip, & more~

Baby Shower

..My fren organized a special Baby Shower..

And she asked me to prepare this sweet cuppies as a doorgift

As requested~
25 pcs of small cuppies worth RM 40
* come with transparent box as above or individual box.

Birthday wif Cuppies~

..We recieved many requests of cuppies for Birthday parties..
I quess people want sumthing different for sum1 special

1 thing for L0O0O0VE cuppies~

Its Fun!

Pick ur Favourite deco for your child or even ur fren!
25pcs of small cuppies worth Rm40 only...

Grab it N0w!

Keep it Simple~

..Simple & modern deco suit for your special one..

Pick 1 that suits any of ur occasions!

12pcs of medium Cupcakes worth RM30
  • include transparent box

  • free deco as requested

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Syifa's Potong Jambul ceremony..

...Syifa's potong jambul at JB...
RM 2.50 / pcs with 50 pcs minimum order.
come with individual transparent box

Friday, June 11, 2010

L0vE hAtE??

r u broken??
looking for sumthing to express ur feeling??
this is very suitable deco for u.. u...

contains 12pcs medium cupcakes worth RM30 with transparent box.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

tempting delicious BARNEY!!

Chocolate Moist cake layered with choc ganace and deliciously covered with Butter Cream.
Edible image as deco.
1.5kg = RM 65.00

Choc Mousse Cake...

Made it for Anniversary with Choc Glace..
Very sophisticated & simple
Choc Mousse layered with choc sponge.
Try it & i bet it worth every cents!!

Want it for ur own?
RM 80.00 (1 kg)with deco as pics (Fruits etc).
Any additional deco, please refer me for price advise.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

b'Day cakEs...

laSt miN cAkE 4 My Fren KiDdo...

cAkes for kindergarten!

I made it for my kids' kindergarten...
Fun n Interesting deco juz for them!

Contains 36 pcs
= RM1.50 X 36 pcs
= RM 54.00

Suits for pot-luck and gifts~
Call me for details.
Deco depends on ur occasion..
u name it,we make it!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Engagement Door Gift

Congrates NORLI on her meaningfull day!
This decorations were made as she requested.
So sweet n lovely~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Etiqa Takaful Dinner

Cuppies as a DOOR GIFT we made for Etiqa Takaful Dinner on 22nd April 2010 at Istana Hotel.

We also decorate it as ur request. Suitable for Weddings, Formal Dinner, etc.
Pick ur colour, and we are pleased to decorate.

Price : RM 5 each for 100pcs and below.
RM 3.5 each for more than 100pcs order.

biRthdAy cAke 4 uR L0vE one~

lo0king for fUn and j0y f0r ur lovE onE??

wE have suMthing inteResting for u~~

it can b chOc mOist cake, vanilla bUtteR cake, cHoc MarBle cake...

Price : RM 50 ( 1 kg 8" with similar deco as above)
Any additional request, price are subject to change.
- such as edible printing, fresh fruit, filing inside, fondant.

yOu also can choose ur cakEs with ur Fav0rite fLavor.
- cheEse cake
- oReo Cheese cake
- marBle orange Cake
- bRownie
- etc
* price are subject to change. Please directly call me for details.

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Saturday, April 17, 2010

wedding cakes 3

one of the selection of 3 tiers wedding cake..
either dummy or real cakes...
either 2 tiers, 3 or 5 tiers...
u name it, i make it~~

wedding cakes

pick any ur fav colour for your wedding or even as a hantaran..
* prices are subject to change.
Please call me for more details..

creme caramel

melted in ur mouth~

price : RM 20 (for 5-6 pax)

cheese cakes u ols~

~homemade cheese cake~

people love it and surely u will to0!

price : RM 65 ( 8 " , 1.2 kg )

* price are subject to change with additional deco
~another choice of cheese cake, blueberry~

~girls' outing~

great for your bff....!

price : RM30 (12 pcs)

including transparent box and individual tray.

wish to have bread pudding for ur dessert?

made from croissant, choc chips, and many other delicious ingredients that are absolutely marvelous~

have it with any of ur fav ice cream, or just it!

have it your way~

price : RM25 (suitable for 5-6 pax)


one of my client's request.

no 7 really mean a lot to them apparently since they chose it for their wedding aniversary..

Hepi aniversary~
any meaningful design for your special day??
we can do it perfectly in ur cupcakes!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wEdding Cake 2

looking 4 simple but yet so0o modern?

ThiS 1 is PERFECT for U!

Pick aNy colour~